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global smiling faces: a child from Africa, a woman from Brazil, a man from Italy

Around the World

Roche NJIA Leadership Development – Tanzania

African women carrying supplies Roche NJIA is a six-month leadership development program for global leaders of the highest potential, focused on leading in today's increasingly challenging environments. Roche and Tanzanian leaders focus together on cervical cancer challenges in Tanzania, where the rate of cervical cancer is one of the highest in the world. Over the course of the program, participants:

  • Make a real, sustainable difference on early screening for, and treatment of, cervical cancer.
  • Enhance leadership capabilities in volatile, complex, uncertain, and ambiguous environments.
  • Raise self-awareness of behavioral tendencies when leading well beyond their comfort zones.
  • Strengthen cultural agility and inclusive behaviors through a series of impactful projects.
  • Bring to life at a personal level what it means to lead in the developing world.
In partnership with Roche L&D and Pepal (focused on social change in the developing world), our facilitators ensure that participants always experience activities on two different levels: they develop leadership capability while solving urgent challenges on the ground, and leadership and projects are tightly intertwined all the way through.

O-I: Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, and New Zealand

masqueraders in Venice, Italy This global manufacturing company has plants around the world – and wanted to bring Plant Managers together to accomplish three goals:

  • Enhance technical skills.
  • Deepen leadership capabilities.
  • And develop a living network of joint problem-solvers and thought leaders.
O-I turned to McBride&Lucius for help with the three objectives. We helped to create a vibrant 3-module program that is offered in three geographical locations. The classroom portion mixes technical experts with leadership experts and provides an action-packed experience for participants. These experiences are combined with plant visits in the region, projects to improve participant plants, AND company leaders who join for panels and Skype "drive-bys" to share ideas and challenge the learning cohort.

The result is a thrilling and VERY busy three weeks for Plant Managers who leave the experience with new contacts and lots of great techniques to try back at work.